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Global Variable Self Optimizing Systems


GV Systems Instructional Videos
Do yourself a BIG favor andd be sure you understand the material in these videos. This system is unlike anything you have seen before. You must understand it before trading it!!
One additional benefit of these videos - they're a great cure for insomnia...
Get started on the right foot..!
A complete look "under the hood" detailing the inner workings of the system.
Here's a wierd little chart like you've probably not seen before - it plots the profit / loss of each subsystem in real time through the day.
  Here's a look at a great system day - they're not all going to work this perfectly but its a good one to get a feel for the process..
  An automated system does a good job of crunching the numbers quickly but it isn't an ATM machine...This is hopefully a realistic and sobering overview of trading systems.
  All SubSystems must run live but only the best performing system is actually traded on a live account
  Use your experience to pick the best system OR let the automated system do it for you.
  The probability is that at least one will do well on any given day
  I know this sounds nuts but our trades will rarely match. Here's why...
  This is really fairly simple - check it out!
  Another example of how to use this neat little trick...
  What if the 'net is down during sending a critical order? What if your computer crashes during a trade? What if your power fails? Do you have a back up plan? Think about it ...
  These little dandies aren't critical to system performance but they sure make things easier to follow...
  Here's another look "under the hood" explaining one of the processes involved in creating these systems. Don't try it at home before checking this one out!!
If tradeStation Charts Are Recalculated The Trades That Appear After This Operation Will Be Different Than Those Seen In Real Time - Here's Why ...
Here's How To Fully Automate Trading Straight To Your Own Account