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Indicator Free Trial

You may receive, free of charge, The Directional Day Filter, the Market Direction Indicator and the Real Time Target Indicator.

The Directional Day Filter will remain on your system permanently as a free download. The Market Direction Indicator and the Real Time Target Indicator will be on your system for a 5 day free trial.  

The Directional Day Filter and the Market Direction Indicator can help you to determine the major trend of the day The Real Time Target indicator will set a logical target price for your trade..

You will receive FREE OF ANY CHARGE the JFC Directional Day Filter which can be used to predict the daily trend after one hour of trading. This indicator is distributed freely and will not expire on your system.

You will also receive a 30 day a trial of the JFC Market Direction Indicator and the JFC Real Time Target Indicators.

In preparation for the use of these indicators you are encouraged to watch the Instructional Videos covering the application and interpretation of the JFC Directional Day FIlter , the JFC Market Direction Indicator and the JFC Real Time Target Indicator


These programs are available in the ┬«TradeStation format only. If you wish to receive a 30 day reduced cost trial of the TradeStation platform in order to fully evaluate our indicators, select "I would Like a Trial Subscription for TradeStation 8, including a free indicator trial" on the last item on the form below. 

By completing this form you will automatically receive periodical updates regarding new products, site updates and upcoming appearances.

IMPORTANT: You must enter an accurate first name, last name, address, and a working e mail address and a working phone number to receive your trial subscription from TradeStation. Incomplete applications for this trial will not be processed.

Please provide the following contact information:

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