Dr. John F. Clayburg

Las Vegas, Nevada September 30 - October 2, 2005

Topic Title: Designing Self Adaptive Systems

Topic Description: Automated trading systems that have within their basic structure the ability to adapt to current market conditions have a higher probability of success than those that depend on fixed numbers or other non-flexible parameters. This session will describe several methods and programming techniques that lend self-adaptive characteristics to trading systems. Today's markets are an ever-evolving, dynamic and challenging atmosphere, requiring the shrewd trader to be prepared to change trading rules and procedures at the slightest hint of a change in market personality. Detail will be provided on the use of pre-programmed routines such as parallel user functions that can create a trading system with the ability to automatically change parameters in response to ever-changing market conditions.

Session Slide Presentation

Expanded Description of Self Adaptive System Design Theory

Self-Adaptive Systems EasyLanguage Code and Free Indicator Trial

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