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I am available for custom programming of indicators and trading systems on the TradeStation 8.x platform..

References available.

I will be glad to provide a standard confidentiality agreement. I will also complete a similar agreement of your choice.

Please feel free to contact me for specifics.

A sample of my standard custom programming agreement is provided below.

Dr. John F. Clayburg
TradeStation Open Platform Developer
29568 Hwy 141
Coon Rapids, Iowa USA 50058-7178
(712) 684-5239 Voice and Fax
e mail:

Custom Programming Contract
Agreement Between: Name:   __________________________("Client")
    ____________________________________       ______________________________________

Telephone:________________________  FAX:______________________

And Dr. John F. Clayburg

Client agrees to enter into a contractual arrangement with Dr. John F. Clayburg for the purpose of computer programming, reprogramming, and/or testing trading systems, custom indicators and other studies.

Client will furnish a detailed, written description of the parameters of the study to be created. It is very important for these descriptions to be as detailed as possible. 

Based upon the above description Dr. Clayburg will furnish an estimate of the cost of completing the program. Any changes made to the specifications of the project will obviously void the estimate and may well result in a final cost figure greater than the original estimate.  Client agrees to this change in cost should he/she make any project modifications.

My fee is $250.00 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum. Telephone time spent discussing system changes, system performance, etc. is billable as programming time.

Payment is by credit card only. I'll need your card number before any work commences. Billing will be monthly, weekly or upon project completion.

The software created is warranted to perform as per your specifications. Obviously, profitability of any account traded using this software is not guaranteed. Client fully understands that there are no warranties or representations of any nature associated with the profitability of any account.

Client acknowledges that there are no guarantees of any nature attached to this agreement as to the eventual profitability of the account used to trade this program.

Client acknowledges that there are no refunds applicable to this agreement.

Client acknowledges that losses do occur in trading stocks and commodities and that risk of loss in trading commodities can be substantial.

Credit Card Information

Card_______( MC, VISA)                  ________     ________      _________      _________         EXP:________

Signature:_____________________________________________________     Date:______________________


By John F. Clayburg

New York  Chichester Weinheim Brisbane  Singapore Toronto
ISBN: 0-471-41482-4
June 2001
320 Pages
Hard Cover
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