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Chart 31

JFC Real Time Pivot Indicator


Chart 31 

With the JFC Market Direction Indicator signifying a sideways day early in the trading session we will be able to confidently work both sides of the market today on this chart of Yahoo!.com.

Note the favorable market reaction to both the Buy Window and Sell Window identified on the chart by the JFC Real Time Pivot Indicator.

Chart 31 - A

During the video presentation I mentioned that on this chart several other indicators in your package would be giving buy and sell signals in the same area as was being designated by the Real Time Pivot indicator.

On Chart 31 - A above I have added the JFC Reversal Indicator to demonstrate the signals which would be given by this tool. Note that the signals from the JFC Reversal confirm the buy and sell windows identified by the JFC Real Time Pivot indicator.

Chart 31 - B

To further enhance the concept of using several indicators in tandem to identify buying and selling windows I have added the JFC Cluster Indicator on Chart 31 - B above.

Note that when all three (JFC Real Time Pivot, JFC Reversal, JFC Cluster) give an indication of a buy or sell window at the same time the price reaction which occurs after the simultaneous indications is indeed of a greater significance that when the signals are issued by only one program.

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