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Chart 26

JFC Exhaustion Indicator


Chart 26 

Chart 26 - A

On the video presentation reference was made to our target and exit indicators which would have provided excellent exit profit taking points for the short trade which was indicated by the JFC Exhaustion Indicator above.

On Chart 26 - A above the JFC Real Time Target indicator has been added with the parameters of Pct = 100 and Sens = 5. Note the reaction of the market when the target area is reached. This tool has provided an excellent point at which to take profits from this trade.

The chart below details the use of another trading tool with which one may take profits.

Chart 26 - B

The chart above adds the JFC Volatility Stop Indicator to Chart 26 - A. Note how the volatility indicator takes you out of the trade very near the termination of the extended downtrend. These two indicators often work in concert with each other to provide excellent exit strategies.

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