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Chart 16

JFC Directional Day Filter Indicator

Chart 16 

Chart 16 - A

Chart 16 - A adds the JFC Market Direction  Indicator to Chart 16, confirming the downtrend for the remainder of the day, calculated one hour into the session.


Chart 16 - B

Chart 16 - B adds the JFC Reversal and JFC Entry Point to Chart 16 - A. This is an excellent example of the use of these four indicators to detail the specific entry for the trade which would have you on the right side of the market for the final downtrend which began at approximately 12:30 central time. Note that the downtrend was first confirmed by JFC Reversal, the position then being established as the market breaks short term support as defined by the JFC Entry Point Indicator at 11180 at 1:10 pm. The red down arrow has been placed on the chart to identify the price and time when the position was actually entered.

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